Improving equity and inclusion in the workplace

Combining the power of immersive learning with evidenced based curriculum and actionable insights to drive workplace outcomes.

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Every employee can be a conscious and inclusive leader

Research-backed Curriculum

Engaging Immersive Experiences

Actionable Insights

Pivotal Experiences

Our 6 month or 12 month learning journey that helps learners build empathy, identify barriers to equity, and take informed action in the workplace.

Spark Experience

The 6-Month Journey

A perspective-taking learning journey that provides feedback to learners and client partners on learner engagement, growth, and reflections on culture of inclusion & equity.

  • Experience 7 30-min Learning Modules, released monthly

  • Engage with learning and reflection on the platform and in the immersive environments

  • Commit monthly to practice behaviors and actions in between modules

  • Develop a shared language learning key concepts and the context behind them

In the News

“Praxis Labs, is bringing that opportunity to corporate America, allowing employees and leaders to change their perspectives over time by virtually stepping into the shoes of those feeling the sting of stigma.”

“In the nascent field of VR skills training, Praxis is one of a new crop of startups aiming to tackle thorny workplace problems with immersive learning.”

“Diversity training steps into the future with virtual reality.”

Our Story

We’re building Praxis Labs because we believe everyone should be able to thrive at work.

Our Story

We’re building Praxis Labs because we believe everyone should be able to thrive at work.

Join us in our mission

Join us in
our mission

What's unique about Praxis Labs is that you get to actually, through VR, step into (and walk in) the shoes of someone else in a way that is just not possible through other modalities. The Praxis Labs learning platform gives learners a research backed experience that allows them to be successful in not only recalling and integrating their learning, but doing so in a way that impacts their day to day activities and in the work they do.

Lara Avisov,
Sr. Diversity and Inclusion Business Partner

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