Culture of Belonging

Skills and topics covered

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  • Running an inclusive meeting
  • Supporting teammates with disabiltiies
  • Identifying bias in project assignments
  • Leveraging reporting Tools
  • Empathizing with people with less visibie disabilities & neruodiversity
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  • Body-size microaggressions & fatphobia
  • Conducting equitable performance reviews
  • Apologizing for mistakes
  • Model minority myth and & bamboo ceiling
  • Intersectionality
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  • Navigating generational differences
  • Preparing for tough conversations
  • Pronouns and misgendering
  • LGBTQIA+ identities
  • Offering accommodations to people with disabilities

By harnessing the power of perspective-taking, managers and leaders can more effectively lead diverse and inclusive teams, and set norms that foster greater empathy, respect, and collaboration.

Designed for Impact

1 in 2

of our learners say they are more likely to stay at their companies because of Praxis Labs training.


of our learners demonstrated growth in empathy since beginning their learning journey.


of learners make commitments to apply their learning to their daily lives.

Continuous and Reinforced Learning

Our immersive experiences paired with continuous and reinforced learning drives impactful and long-term behavior change at scale. Continue the learning with:
  • Commitment Playbooks
  • Just-in-time practice simulations
  • Interactive worksheets and games
  • Playbooks for continued action

Social Learning

Learning is better together. Praxis Labs activates the power of social and community-based learning with:
  • Group discussion guides
  • Learning Buddy
  • Integrated calendar scheduling

Pivotal Insights

With Pivotal Insights, organizations can track and measure employee sentiments on workplace culture, equity, and inclusion, equipping leaders with data they need to improve policies and culture.
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