When People Feel Good, Companies Thrive

Tune in to this on-demand webinar with LOOM's Erica Chidi and Praxis Labs' Elise Smith as they share tips to build more human workplaces.
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Amid the Great Resignation and ongoing speculations of economic recession, business leaders are shifting their talent strategy from recruitment to retaining and growing their existing talent. Yet, according to recent research by Josh Bersin, average staff turnover this year is at 30%, ten points above average. Here’s a simple truth: satisfied workers stay. We’ve learned that people are more likely to stay and be engaged when they feel that their organizations’ values align with their own, and that they are supported to grow in their careers as their authentic selves. With the clear benefits of a robust talent management strategy, how can leaders deliver? Tune in to this conversation where Erica Chidi, co-founder & CEO of LOOM, and Elise Smith, co-founder & CEO of Praxis Labs, discuss actionable ways People Leaders can drive business success by prioritizing people success.

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