Our story

Who we are

Praxis Labs was founded by women of color. As a diverse team, we bring our lived experiences and unique perspectives to bear as we seek to build the most efficacious and impactful learning experiences.

Our Values

What we strive for

Be Brave

We take initiative and are unafraid to fail and learn.

Be Generous

We show we care with time, feedback, and spirit.

Be Open-minded

We seek out diverse perspectives and ideas.

Be Vocal

We use our voices to share openly and honestly.

Be Curious

We try new things and ask for help.

Be Praxis

We are impact, results, and data-driven.

I’m brought to this work through my family’s immigration stories and their journey to re-build their communities. By celebrating differences, I hope we can create workplaces and structures that allow all of us to belong and thrive.
Heather Shen,
Co-founder &
Chief Product Officer

My parents’ fight for educational equity is what has inspired me to fight for access and opportunity. Our systems and structures should allow us all to thrive in our workplaces and in the places we frequent everyday — that’s why I do this work.

Elise Smith,
Co-Founder &
Chief executive Officer

Our Team

Vi Quach
Vi Quach
Senior Product Designer
Ugochi Ofoha
Senior Software Engineer II
Tianxu Zhou
Unity Interactive Engineer
Sarah Perry-Stout
Project Manager
Sam Levine
Lead VR Developer
Sabrina Rønningen
Head of Client Impact
Ryan Conover
3D Character Animator
Robert Firme
Senior Product Manager
Rafael Maldonado
Director of Platform Engineering
Olivia Holmes
Curriculum Lead, Measurement
Olive Farrell
Senior Unity Developer
Na Chen
Na Chen
Experience Designer
I want to encourage empathy and appreciation for one another’s differences and perspectives. I want to help set a trajectory against systematic inequality and towards a future where diversity is celebrated. At Praxis Labs I get to use VR to create things with some of the most amazing humans while doing just that!
Kimiko Muwanguzi 
Unity Developer
It’s my goal to create experiences that optimize for readability, accessibility, and foster a sense of inclusion.
Joe Deleeuw 
Senior Software Engineer
I'm brought to work at Praxis Labs through my experiences as an immigrant who came to this country as a young adult and had to learn the language, culture, and how to succeed in America. I'm brought to work through my experience as the mother of a special needs child with amazing superpowers, who I'd very much like to be afforded the same opportunities as anyone else. I get to shape the future here, at Praxis Labs!
Iuliana Preotu 
Lead 3D Technical artist
I’m driven by the opportunity to have a positive impact on the problems in the world around me. I see Praxis Labs as a catalyst for moving workplaces and society to a more equitable space, and am thankful I get to spend my time and energy focusing on this goal alongside truly passionate clients and teammates.
Emerson Prager 
Client Impact Manager
To me, there is nothing more important than ensuring that all current and future generations have the opportunity to learn, grow, work, and thrive - while staying true to their authentic selves.
Annie Snyder 
Lead Learning Scientist

Join Us!

If you believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion is key to the success of any company or organization and want to work to make a more inclusive society a reality, we want you to join us. Learn more about available roles below.

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