Join Us

If you believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion is key to the success of any company or organization and want to work to make a more inclusive society a reality, we want you to join us.

Our Values

What we strive for

Be Brave

We take initiative and are unafraid to fail and learn.

Be Generous

We show we care with time, feedback, and spirit.

Be Open-minded

We seek out diverse perspectives and ideas.

Be Vocal

We use our voices to share openly and honestly.

Be Curious

We try new things and ask for help.

Be Praxis

We are impact, results, and data-driven.

Our Culture

We’re an incredibly diverse team – united in our mission and our passion for our work. Whether it’s at our quarterly team retreats or in a virtual (reality) meeting, we’re excited to be building with and learning from each other. We strive to live our values and create a community where everyone can thrive and belong.

Praxis Labs Team Retreat

My father and I escaped from Vietnam in the hopes that our family would have a better future. I’m grateful for the opportunities and privileges to be here. I also personally know the struggles and sacrifices that people like me experience to achieve the “American Dream”. As a way of giving back, I want to be a part of the effort to ensure that everyone, not just some, has the resources and opportunity to achieve their dream.

Vi Quach (She/her/hers),
Senior Product Designer

I want to create a world that I want to live in. Leveraging VR to build empathy and teach others is fascinating and I’m excited to be in this space. I’m happy that I can use my skills for the greater good.

Ugochi Ofoha (She/her/hers),
Senior Software Engineer

I used to believe I enjoy being invisible as a typical introvert; however, most of the time, I didn’t have a choice but to adapt to the environment and survive silently. Everyone deserves to be seen, valued and appreciated. I’m grateful that at Praxis, I can help create more inclusive and welcoming workspaces with no more “outsiders”.

Tianxu zhou (She/her/hers),
Senior Software Engineer

Letting people embody others to make for more impactful learning is one of the best possible use cases for VR. Having built up VR skills for half a decade, I couldn’t possibly turn down such an amazing opportunity to use them for good.

sam levine (he/him/his),
lead vr developer

I want to use my skillset to create a world that’s equitable for all, not some.

Rafael Maldonado (he/him/his),
Director of Engineering

I’m just excited to be able to use my game development skills for good! With the current state of the games industry, it can be difficult to find meaningful work, or even work that just doesn’t involve predatory, exploitative practices. I feel incredibly privileged to have this opportunity to not just avoid those aspects of the industry, but to be involved with something that could actually have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Olive Farrell (She/her/hers),
Senior VR Developer

I'm tired of being the only Asian/woman/immigrant in the room and feeling like an imposter. I'm here at Praxis to build a community where we can choose empathy, reject hate, and honor the differences and dignity of others.

Na Chen (she/her/hers),
Experiential Designer

I want to encourage empathy and appreciation for one another’s differences and perspectives. I want to help set a trajectory against systematic inequality and towards a future where diversity is celebrated. At Praxis Labs I get to use VR to create things with some of the most amazing humans while doing just that!

Kimiko Muwanguzi (She/her/hers),
VR Developer

It’s my goal to create experiences that optimize for readability, accessibility, and foster a sense of inclusion.

Joe Deleeuw (he/him/his),
Senior Software Engineer

I'm brought to work at Praxis Labs through my experiences as an immigrant who came to this country as a young adult and had to learn the language, culture, and how to succeed in America. I'm brought to work through my experience as the mother of a special needs child with amazing superpowers, who I'd very much like to be afforded the same opportunities as anyone else. I get to shape the future here, at Praxis Labs!

Iuliana Preotu (she/her/hers),
Senior Software Engineer

I’m driven by the opportunity to have a positive impact on the problems in the world around me. I see Praxis Labs as a catalyst for moving workplaces and society to a more equitable space, and am thankful I get to spend my time and energy focusing on this goal alongside truly passionate clients and teammates.

Emerson Prager (he/him/his),
Lead VR Developer

I’m doing my part to push against systemic inequities and move towards a safer and more vibrant society. We’re finding new ways to help people build empathy, mindfulness and grow as inclusive leaders. I’m lucky to grow alongside a passionate and brilliant team everyday - what more could you ask for?

Camille Richardson (she/her/hers),
Customer Success Manager

To experience, we must perceive and remember our perception. We will never remember any perception of dying. So maybe it would be better to live like we will never experience death.cp

Bracey Smith (he/him/his),
Senior Experiential Designer

To me, there is nothing more important than ensuring that all current and future generations have the opportunity to learn, grow, work, and thrive - while staying true to their authentic selves.

Annie Snyder (she/her/hers),
Lead Learning Scientist