Introducing Pivotal Practice, leveraging GenAI-powered immersive experiences to build effective and inclusive leaders

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Pivotal Experiences: Where learning comes to life

Pivotal Experiences redefines DEI and human skills training with an innovative approach. Dive into immersive, perspective-taking content that's ready to use in learners' flow-of-work. Spark transformative conversations and drive informed action.


An interactive, engaging, and experiential way to learn

Praxis Labs' content library allows learners to practice building skills through real-life scenarios in a safe learning environment, where they make decisions that directly impact scenario outcomes. Our library consists of 10+ modules that span topics like interviewing & hiring, performance management, launching mentorship & sponsorship programs, setting inclusive team norms, and more. All modules are available to stream on-demand in our highly-scalable and cost effective web-immersive experience. We drive maximum impact for our clients by deploying in three core ways:

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Talent Lifecycle

Our expert-designed courses map onto key milestones of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to leadership development, and everything in between. Our team works with you to pair the most relevant courses to key moments of development, when they matter most.

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Existing Initiatives

Our flexible approach can integrate within an already established project, program, or company-wide effort. It's a way to enhance the skills, knowledge, or behaviors of individuals within the context of an ongoing project or company-wide mission.

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Our scalable web-immersive solution can be rolled out to entire functions or organizations. Spark real conversations and create a holistic sense of community while ensuring all employees have a common language for addressing bias, navigating difficult conversations, and supporting their colleagues.

Solutions-oriented learning journeys include:


Organizational Transformation & Change Management

Praxis Labs' Organizational Transformation & Change Management Training equips employees with the skills and capabilities they need to drive successful transformation projects, build a culture of innovation, and improve overall business performance. Learn how to lead through uncertain times and foster trust across your organization.

For: HR Teams, Managers, People leaders

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Culture of Inclusion & Belonging

Praxis Labs' Culture of Inclusion & Belonging Training helps employees learn how to effectively work across differences and empowers every employee to unleash their potential. This learning journey embeds equity and inclusion in behaviors that unlock more effective collaboration, strategies for dealing with conflict and taking accountability, and a thriving workforce where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.

For: Entire teams, Onboarding

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fundamentals

Praxis Labs' Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fundamentals provides both new and existing employees across your organization with the skills that foster diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces. Build the skills and competencies needed to embed DEI best practices across the employee lifecycle — from hiring to career advancement, and everything in-between.

For: Continuous DEI training, Entire organizations

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Manager Effectiveness

Praxis Labs' Manager Effectiveness training helps your managers develop the skills and capabilities they need to become more effective leaders, build stronger teams, and drive better business outcomes. Change critical behaviors and habits that nurture healthy and productive work environments, effective collaboration, and more equitable and inclusive teams.

For: Managers, People leaders

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What’s unique about Praxis Labs is that you get to actually, through immersive learning, step into (and walk in) the shoes of someone else in a way that is just not possible through other modalities. The Praxis Labs learning platform gives learners a research backed experience that allows them to be successful in not only recalling and integrating their learning, but doing so in a way that impacts their day to day activities and in the work they do.

Indigo Avisov,
Sr. Diversity and Inclusion Business Partner

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