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Culture of Inclusion
& Belonging Training

Praxis Labs' Culture of Inclusion & Belonging Training helps employees learn how to effectively work across differences and empowers every employee to unleash their potential. This learning journey embeds equity and inclusion in behaviors that unlock more effective collaboration, strategies for dealing with conflict and taking accountability, and a thriving workforce where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.

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The Culture of Inclusion & Belonging Learning Journey Includes the Following Courses:


Psychological Safety & Inclusive Meeting Norms

Set up effective and safe communication norms and rules of engagement across your remote, hybrid, or in-person teams. Learn how to promote inclusive practices to better advocate for yourself and your colleagues.


Conflict Resolution

Learn how to manage conflict and take accountability for mistakes related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Build communication skills that help you advocate for yourself and others and more effectively work across differences.


Mentorship & Sponsorship

Educate employees on the differences between mentorship and sponsorship. Learn how to leverage both to support equitable access to career advancement for all employees.

Build skills needed to foster a culture of
inclusion and belonging.

  • Collaboration
  • Psychological Safety
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • Developing and Mentoring Talent
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Neurodiversity
  • Misgendering and Deadnaming
  • LGBTQIA+ Identity
  • Intersectionality (Race and Gender)
  • Intergenerational Workplaces
  • Learn How to take Accountability
  • Support Workplace Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Repair Mistakes
  • Promote Inclusive Action
  • Describe the Benefits of Resource Advocacy

By harnessing the power of perspective-taking, every employee can develop the skills and capabilities they need to create a more diverse, inclusive, and supportive work environment.

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1 in 2

learners say they are more likely to stay at their companies because of Praxis Labs training.


of our learners demonstrated growth in empathy since beginning their learning journey

2 in 3

learners believe this training will help their company become more equitable and inclusive.

Continuous and Reinforced Learning

Our immersive experiences paired with continuous and reinforced learning drives impactful and long-term behavior change at scale. Continue the learning with:

  • Commitment Playbooks
  • Just-in-time practice simulations
  • Interactive worksheets and games
  • Playbooks for continued action
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Pivotal Insights

With Pivotal Insights, organizations can track and measure employee sentiments on workplace culture, equity, and inclusion, equipping leaders with data they need to improve policies and culture.

  • Measure skills growth
  • Identify DEI “hotspots”
  • Track commitments for equity & inclusion
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