Our approach

What we do

We’ve combined the power of immersive learning experiences with a research-backed curriculum, every employee can show up as a conscious and inclusive leader.

Our Theory of Change

Our mission is to make workplaces – and ultimately society – more equitable. To reach that goal, we help every employee become a leader for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

If we start with workforces

where we’ll reach the most people and have greatest impact at scale

And develop individual leaders

who create policies, practices, & products that create equitable outcomes and advance inclusion and belonging

We’ll change workplaces

and the places we frequent everyday to become more equitable and inclusive

Our Learning Journeys

Leveraging the perspective taking power of VR, we give employees the opportunity to encounter barriers to equity or inclusion. Employees go through the scenario from both the perspective of someone experiencing the incident of bias and as a bystander or someone complicit in the incident. Learners then decide how they want to respond and practice showing up as a conscious and inclusive leader. These immersive experiences build empathy and also help employees develop a repertoire of responses for when incidents inevitably happen.

Research-backed Curriculum

We ensure our learning journeys are evidenced based and care deeply about authentically representing the perspectives we highlight.

Engaging Immersive Experiences

Our immersive experiences put employees in pivotal moments to practice inclusive leadership. Accessible via a web browser, smart phone, or in the highest quality VR headset, we meet learners where they are and on demand.

Actionable Insights

We provide feedback to both individual learners as well as client partners. We generate insights and recommendations for our partners based on learner feedback on their organization’s culture of equity and inclusion.

Focused on Impact

We care deeply about providing an impact to our learners and our client partners. We measure our impact across these key items.


Are learners engaging?

Are learners growing?

Are learners changing their behaviours?


Is the organization growing?

Is the organization more inclusive & equitable?

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