How does equity and inclusion improve well-being?

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What we do

Praxis Labs brings scalable immersive learning to leading people-focused companies. We help thousands of learners build core human skills that improve company culture, foster equity and inclusion, and drive engagement and retention.

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Our Theory of Change

Our mission is to make workplaces – and ultimately society – more equitable. We believe in the power of perspective-taking, storytelling, and best-in-class learning, to transform how we interact, work, and innovate together.

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If we start with

where we’ll reach the most people and have greatest impact at scale

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And develop individual

who create policies, practices, & products that create equitable outcomes and advance inclusion and belonging

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We’ll change

and the places we frequent everyday to become more equitable and inclusive

Our Learning Approach

We leverage immersive technology and research-backed learning science centered on behavior change to help learners build empathy, gain awareness and knowledge, and apply learnings in their workplace.

Build Empathy

Experience navigating authentic workplace scenarios from a diverse perspective to get proximate to the experience of others, practice navigating difficult decisions, and practice having difficult conversations.

Gain Awareness & Knowledge

Reflect on each experience and review research-backed concept overviews to be equipped with the knowledge, awareness, and tactical skills to navigate similar challenges.

Apply Knowledge

Make individual commitments, participate in group discussions, and practice learnings to build a repertoire of responses to confidently take action and apply learning

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Pivotal Insights: Focused on Impact

We care deeply about driving impact for our learners and our client partners. With Pivotal Insights, program administrators have actionable data at their fingertips. Our data dashboard shows learner progression through their course material and skills gained, as well as qualitative and quantitative data insights on company culture and behavior change. By creating a feedback loop between course offerings and data-driven outcomes, we ensure that our learning stays relevant and tailored to your company's unique needs. We measure our impact across these key items.

  • Are learners engaging? – 76 learner satisfaction score (12 points above industry average)
  • Are learners growing? – 77% of learners build empathy
  • Are learners changing their behaviors? – 2/3 of learners approach situations differently because of Praxis training
  • Is the organization growing? – More than 1 in 2 learners are more likely to stay after completing Praxis training
  • Is the organization more inclusive & equitable? – 2/3 of learners agree that Praxis is helping their organization become more equitable and inclusive

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